Rob deut

Rob Deut
Just back in town after great travelling experiences to study more about the tattoos, the meanings and stories behind them.

The warrior style of the Hawaiian, the bold black work of the Marquesan islands maneaters, the mysterious Easter island style, the more detailed tattoowork of the socyity islands including Thahiti and Moorea, the Tuamotu archipel.

In Asia more ink and knowledge is gained by the thai tattoo masters of Wat Bang Prae… where Buddhist monks perform “sakyant” with magic tattoos.

And last but not least; Japan left a great impression which will show in future projects. New photo’s will be updated soon!

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Cees is already 20 years in the tattoo trade, has given up his own studio and now works alongside Rob. Cees is specialized in polynesian inspired style tattoos.


Tattau by Dennis

Dennis gathered his knowledge about tattooing by traveling the planet ,,,,,,his Maori inspired tattoos comes from working at ( Moko Ink ) Aotearoa New Zealand , the famous shop of Inia Taylor where his career as professional artist took a jumpstart .
Dennis knows the meaning of the designs learned while traveling Polynesia ,visited in  Borneo  the Iban  ,the Mentawi tribe in Sulawesi and some more tribe visiting here and there .

Because of his travels to other far outskirts of the planet such as S.E Asia, Australia ,India ,North Africa and Central America….just to name some, his interest in other tattoo styles go further than Polynesian only ,,, he like to do Japanese,Dotwork, Portraits , funstuffand so on ,,,,in short Dennis is an all rounder, visited conventions and hang out in tattooshops around the globe , and now settles down to be a steady crew member at Rob Deut his toko……

tatau by Dennis




tatau by Dmitry